10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. CHECKLIST. Part 12 of 12.

Business Checklist

What to Remember when Choosing an ECM System The selection of an ECM system must be based on the needs of the business. What are the problems you’re struggling with when it comes to information and content management? Who should the system serve within the organization? Is it possible to collaborate with external partners? Can […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. DO YOUR RESEARCH – REVIEW ANALYST REPORTS. Part 11 of 12.

Manage Data Intellegenty

Review Leading Analyst Reports As you move forward with your selection process, do your due diligence and review leading analyst reports on ECM vendors. We recommend checking whether your vendor candidates are included in reports assessing content and information management platforms like: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms Nucleus Research: Value Matrix for Enterprise Content […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. MANAGE INFORMATION INTELLIGENTLY. Part 10 of 12.

09 MANAGE INFORMATION INTELLIGENTLY Next Step: From Information Management to Intelligent Information Management Information management has experienced significant advancements over the past decade, but organizations are still having problems keeping up with growing volumes of content. The number of ECM deployments in organizations continues to skyrocket. In the last five years, they have increased by […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. ENSURE SCALABILITY THROUGHOUT THE BUSINESS . Part 9 of 12.

08 ENSURE SCALABILITY THROUGHOUT THE BUSINESS Ensure Compatibility and Scalability throughout the Business Because business change and growth are inevitable, an ECM system must have the flexibility to accommodate evolving needs. A modern information management system should be able to grow organically with the organization. To accommodate change, a single information management solution should be […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES. Part 6 of 12.

Business Automation

05 AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES ECM workflows (for invoice or contract approvals, for example) also support work efficiency and risk management. They can be used to describe and automate certain processes within the organization to ensure consistency.7 For instance, with automated workflows, an invoice progresses through the approval process automatically – in accordance with a […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. CONTROL RISKS. Part 5 of 12.


04 CONTROL RISKS With an advanced intelligent information management system, role-based access permission management reduces the risk of information falling into the wrong hands. ECM systems are often sought out by organizations to help them comply with certain laws or standards. However, this is just one way that an ECM platform delivers value. The more […]

10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. IMPROVE COLLABORATION. Part 4 of 12.

Improve Collaboration

03 IMPROVE COLLABORATION Collaboration features ensure that there is only one correct version of a document in use — no duplicates or outdated versions. Simpler document editing and approval. Ensure Smooth Cooperation with Collaboration Features Business is driven by people — people that work together on teams to complete projects. An intelligent information management system […]

Understand your business exposure on the Dark Web.


Cyber criminals organize themselves on the Dark Web, planning and exchanging tools and information that enable and propel attacks against businesses of all sizes. But you can get the upper hand and understand if there are activities being plotted against your business by getting informed about the leading indicators of an impending attack: leaked credentials. […]