1 Million US dollar ransomware warranty.

Activist Anonymous Ransomware Attack

A complete endpoint security solution for your business’ needs. Backed by a US$1m ransomware warranty. Is your business looking for threat protection, remediation, incident response and the benefits of a security operations center (SOC)? Cylon for Endpoint Security monitors your IT environment, detecting malicious threats and quickly remediating the attack, with 24/7 support from our […]

Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: Introduction. Part 1 of 7.

Cybersecurity Tips

The Complete Guide to Secure Behavior Online and in the Office. The Need to Educate Employees on Cybersecurity. When developing cybersecurity strategies, businesses typically focus on protecting their infrastructure perimeter and endpoints, since that’s where criminals usually gain access and wreak havoc. But what happens when a threat bypasses perimeter defenses and targets an employee—in […]

5 Tips for a More Secure Office

Office Security

5 Tips for a More Secure Office When thinking about securing your business from cyber threats, the mind quickly turns to phishing, hacks and viruses, but there are many security threats in and around the office that can expose your business to a host of threats and cybersecurity issues. In conjunction with a solid cybersecurity […]

Ransomware attack leaves Joburg residents unable to buy electricity

City Power confirmed on Twitter this morning that it has been hit by a ransomware attack which compromised its web server, databases, applications, and network. See how, with our SOC (Security Operations Center) you can prevent Ransomware attacks on your business. https://staging.cylonconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Understanding-the-SOC.mp4#t=2 To Learn more: Click here To read the full article by mybroadband.co.za  Click […]

Your Audit Finding Nightmares


Why Your GRC Framework is Going Nowhere Slowly by Khululekile Sixaba   Lexi is a no-nonsense compliance officer that has never had a problem embracing change. What is a challenge, is getting those around her to feel the same way and get up to speed with whatever needs to be adapted and improved. Governance, Risk […]

10 Hidden IT Risks That Might Threaten Your Business (Plus 1 Fast Way to Find Them)

Big data

Your business depends on intelligence. But can you count on your technology? You may not be in the intelligence technology business, but it’s probably impossible to imagine your business without IT. Today, computing technology plays a vital role in the way you serve, work with, and communicate to your clients. Thanks to advances that have […]

What Happens to a Company If It Does Not Comply With Audit Report Recommendations?

Going through an audit is rarely an enjoyable business experience. Whether it comes from inside or outside the company, an audit can feel as though strangers are picking you apart and telling you how best to do your job. However, it’s important to take the audit report recommendations seriously. Failing to comply with its guidance […]

Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA)

While the actual date of when the Protection of Personal Information Act will finally come into effect is still a mystery, the act, also known as the PoPI Act, is becoming more prominent in conversations and business meetings. So, what is this Act all about and is it good or bad for businesses?

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing Made Simple. Not all document management solutions blend electronic filing ease of use with powerful functionality as brilliantly as M-Files. After all,…