In the internet age, information is everything, and every business still relies on their records to ensure they keep the lights on: from invoices to memos and employee records to training manuals, the ability to safely store, update and access important documents is central to the efficiency of every organisation. 


We understand the importance of each document you produce, and provide a suite of services that make sure they are an asset and not a source of frustration.

Our solution offers a wide array of functionality including document search, folder and version control, permission regulation and real-time collaboration – all accessible remotely thanks to the convenient app.

This service, which you can plug into your existing software systems, will have an impact on key functions such as HR, finance, sales project management and compliance, but also makes it easier for everyone on your team to get the job done without wasting time battling to get basic document management right.

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Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA)

While the actual date of when the Protection of Personal Information Act will finally come into effect is still a mystery, the act, also known as the PoPI Act, is becoming more prominent in conversations and business meetings. So, what is this Act all about and is it good or bad for businesses?

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