We address specific business needs by offering a suite of services that supports existing investments, software and systems or building completely new infrastructure.

Our integrated offering covers everything from document management and remote monitoring to cloud applications and enterprise security to ensure we cover every aspect of IT.

Whether we join you in the early days as you plan your strategy or to update and secure your existing network, our team of awarded experts is here to service, streamline and secure your ecosystem – so you can take care of business. 


Being able to provide employees with instant access to secure information is a critical advantage in the information age. Cylon M-Files is a suite of services that work across your business to empower your teams to work quickly, efficiently and safely on any device.


Cybercrime is a growing threat that requires constant vigilance and an adaptable range of preventative measures. We combine powerful software with a suite of security services to provide comprehensive protection without the need to build and maintain an internal security team.


Technology is central to every business, and it is essential to monitor and maintain the systems that keep you in business. We take a fully managed approach to IT, meaning we protect your servers, devices and systems running smoothly round the clock, remotely.


To ensure that we provide you the right solution for your needs, we have developed a 6-step process that allows us to understand exactly what your business needs.


We engage your managers and staff to understand your needs, constraints and objectives.


We create a document with a detailed definition of your needs, and our plan to meet those needs with existing or new products.


We outline the scope of work, including the timeframe, costs and payment schedules to ensure delivery.


We configure your solution based on your requirements, and run extensive testing and quality assurance.


We encourage you to test the system to ensure that it meets your requirements in every way.


We start the training and support phases as soon as the solution is in place and operational. 


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